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WordPress webshop

Expand your WordPress website with e-commerce functionality from Woocommerce. Enjoy a completely integrated webshop in WordPress.

A good foundation

WordPress web design

Studio 84 specializes in user-friendly WordPress web design. Our websites are easy to self-manage and optimized for the search engines.

Integration with your favorite platforms

wordrpess woocommerce dashboard 1
woocommerce wordpress plugin

Optimized webshop dashboard

Easily manage products

Get control of your products with all the tools you need for up-to-date inventory. Increase sales by reducing your time-to-market and increasing your flexibility.

Quickly edit products

Edit products without opening them. Inline editing lets you edit content directly from the list table. With one click, you can edit almost all your fields, even simultaneously.

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Create your own filters

We know how it goes: the more products you add, the harder it becomes to find what you're looking for. Extensive filtering capabilities help you narrow down the search results.

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Fast tracking of orders

The more orders you have, the harder it becomes to manage them. Studio 84 makes it a lot easier for you:

wordrpess woocommerce orders

Customer management system

WordPress user management leaves something to be desired for web shops. Thanks to our customized customer management system, you get quick insight: filter, segment and make inline edits.

Links & automations

Save time

Studio 84 can connect your wordpress webshop with different platforms

Delivery options

Extensive ways of Submit

Simply sending parcels no longer meets the expectations of the post-corona customer. Home delivery, self-delivery or use bPost pickup points.

Focus on your corporate identity

A recognizable shopping experience

Custom emails

We create lightweight HTML e-mail templates for:

Unique shop pages

User-friendly and intuitive

Shopping is a pleasure

Thanks to a calm and recognizable design in your corporate identity, customers clearly see what is expected of them. In addition, we also want to make shopping as pleasant as possible.

Real-time search

Searches automatically display relevant results. Discover products efficiently and quickly and avoid waiting for a results page.

wordrpess woocommerce ajax search

Smart filtering

Filtering products on an online store can quickly cause frustration. Make it easy for customers by providing a variety of filters, including visual hints.
wordrpess woocommerce filter products

Mega menus

Display visually large menus that increase ease of use and adapt across all devices. Give a modern look and feel to your webshop.

wordrpess woocommerce mega menu

Let's get social

Social media integration

messenger business

Web Statistics

knowledge is power

Where do our visitors come from, how do they navigate and more importantly, do they end up buying products? Vital information to assess and adjust your online marketing efforts.

Clicking on email
Clicking on phone
Click on address
Search engines 40%
Social media 35%

WordPress demos & portfolio

Judge for yourself

We have already had the opportunity to create many beautiful WordPress web shops for clients and we are proud of the results. Check out our work!

wordpress webshop studio 84

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