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Online marketing with a holistic approach

By setting up user-friendly websites, detailed web statistics and targeted advertising campaigns, we ensure a steady flow of converting visitors.

Web design

A user-friendly website

Professional web design is the foundation of your online marketing story. Studio 84 takes into account your marketing strategy to tailor the structure, navigation and content to your target audience.

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Web Statistics

knowledge is power

Know your visitors' browsing behavior and measure goals or conversions. Studio 84 is expert in setting up Google Analytics web statistics for your site.

Clicking on email
Clicking on phone
Click on address
Search engines 40%
Social media 35%

Search engine marketing

At the top of the search results

Studio 84 helps rank high in web, shopping and video results. We optimize organic results and specialize in paid results through Google Ads.

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Online advertising

Reach more customers

Studio 84 helps with online advertising by selecting relevant advertising channels for your business, setting up targeted campaigns and professional follow-up.

Be on top immediately by advertising on Google, generate brand awareness through the Google Display network or focus on more fans and followers.

Social media marketing

Building community

We help you select, set up, manage and complete website integration of relevant social media platforms for your business.

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About us

Old school, in a good way



Studio 84 is an online marketing agency founded by Bart De Latte. With hands-on experience and unique knowledge, we ensure your online success.

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