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Studio 84 is your partner for professional Shopify web design. We have extensive documentation, access to the partner community and partner support.

Shopify platform

Start selling online

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The Shopify platform is designed specifically for e-commerce with a strong focus on simplicity. Start selling online quickly without any technical knowledge.

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Shopify management center


Upon logging in, you get a clear and detailed view of your business. Get instant insight into sales, orders and target audience to better align your products and marketing.

Easily manage products

Adding title, description, search engine information and media is simple. Set the optimal price and manage your inventory manually or automatically.

Shopify offers support for different types of products:

Categories or collections

Make it easy for customers by grouping products. Link products to collections by automated rules or by selecting products manually.

Product options

Studio 84 allows infinite product options and variations to be added to your products. Additional charges can be added per option or bundles can be offered to increase sales.

Fast tracking of orders

You always have accurate and up-to-date information on which orders have been fulfilled, shipped, processed, refunded or returned. Through a user-friendly interface, you can print packing slips and track shipments or deliveries.

Shopify mobile app

Through the Shopify mobile app, you can manage the webshop from your pocket. A single dashboard to manage orders, shipments and payments, all from your smartphone.

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Shopify Editor

Easily manage your website yourself

With a Shopify webshop from Studio 84, you easily add, rearrange or remove content without any technical knowledge. You can view your changes in real-time in both desktop and mobile views. 

Layout & layout

Rearrange items on pages yourself via a simple drag-and-drop motion! Move call to actions while a specific online marketing campaign is running.
shopify visual editor layout

Texts and blocks

The editor allows you to visually easily modify texts, photos and call to actions without any technical knowledge. Everything automatically in the corporate style of your company.

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Partner since 2012

Shopify partner

Studio 84 helps sellers start, sell, promote and manage their shopify webshop. We have extensive documentation, access to the partner community and partner support.

User-friendly & responsive design

Easily accessible to all

Each device requires its own approach. Our shopify webshops are easily accessible on every device, always with the same look and feel and specific user-friendly navigation. We test on the most common devices and browsers. 

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Photos & videos

Professional stock images

Studio 84 has access to millions of royalty-free, high-quality stock images, photographs, graphics, vectors, video images and illustrations.

Links & automations

Save time

Studio 84 can connect your Shopify webshop with different platforms

shopify multilingual studio 84


Support for multiple languages

With Shopify web design, Studio 84 always takes into account support for multiple languages. We provide customizable SEO integration for each language so you can quickly enjoy additional search engine visitors.

Social media integration

Extra likes, followers and fans

Social media links

Every Studio 84 Shopify webshop features a comprehensive set of your company's social media links in the header, footer and contact page. Blog links are provided for easy sharing on the most popular platforms.

Posts or videos

Through an API link it is possible to automatically display your latest posts or videos on the website. Handy to always have recent content without having to modify your website!

Selling on Facebook & Instagram

Through an API link, we can automatically sync your Shopify products with Facebook and Instagram so you can easily sell from in your posts.

shopify social media integration

Delivery options

Extensive ways of Submit

Simply sending parcels no longer meets the expectations of the post-corona customer. Home delivery, self-delivery or use bPost pickup points.

Web Statistics

knowledge is power

Where do our visitors come from, how do they navigate and more importantly, do they end up buying products on your Shopify webshop? Vital information to assess and adjust your online marketing efforts.

Clicking on email
Clicking on phone
Click on address
Search engines 40%
Social media 35%

Search engine optimization

At the top of the search results

Studio 84 helps with high ranking web, shopping and video results that work for your Shopify webshop. We optimize organic results and specialize in paid results through Google Ads.

shopify search engine optimization studio 84

Shopify examples

Judge for yourself

We have already had the opportunity to create many beautiful Shopify webshops for clients and we are proud of the results. Check out Shopify examples and judge for yourself!

shopify examples studio 84

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