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Remarketing & Display Advertising

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Remarketing & Display Advertising studio 84

Target new or existing customers with Remarketing or Display Advertising.

Remarketing and Display are both forms of PPC Advertising. Like other modes of digital advertising, both of these channels are highly measurable, meaning it’s easy to track the effectiveness of any activities.

What is Display Advertising?

Display advertising allows you to connect with customers with a variety of ad formats (Static banners, Animated banners, Video, Rich media, Interactive/expandable ads) across their different devices.

It can help you reach people while they’re browsing their favorite websites, showing a friend a YouTube video, checking their Gmail account, or using mobile sites and apps.

Display Advertising is ideal if you want to Increase brand awareness or target users early in the conversion tunnel.

google Display Network Advertising

Where can I display Ads?

The Google Content Network spans over two million websites, news pages, blogs and Google websites like Gmail and YouTube. Allowing you to reach 90% of Internet users worldwide.

google display network ad formats

Have a look at Social Media Advertising to target other social channels.

How can I target Ads?

There is a variety of targeting options available and often combinations are used. In general we can break it down as follows:

Match relevant site content – placements on the Display Network based on website content and other factors.

Reach specific groups of people – reach people who are likely to be within the age, gender, and parental status demographic group that you choose.

Remarketing – reach people who have previously visited your website while they visit other sites on the Display Network.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing lets you show ads to people after they’ve interacted with your business: visited your website or used your mobile app. This targeting method provides timely touch points to drive your customers to your website and app when they’re most likely to buy.

Remarketing is ideal if you want to reach out to users who have already visited your site, cross- or up-sell to past customers or build brand affinities.

how does remarketing work

Display or Remarketing – Often, the two go together, much like salt and pepper or bread and butter. However, you may find you only need one – this will depend on your specific objectives and circumstances.

Why Choose us?

google adwords certified studio 84

STUDIO 84 is equipped with the fundamental skills and knowledge to create, manage and maximize the return on investment for your Google Adwords Search and Display & Remarketing campaigns.

With over 10 years of experience you can be rest assured that your campaigns are in good hands.

What's included in this Service?

If you want to get it right, there is more to a Remarketing or Display campaign than just filling in ad copy and sending it live. Our experienced team can take care of everything, including campaign setup, split testing copy and images, ongoing monitoring, and reporting.

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