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PPC Advertising

Target your audience no matter where they spend their time online

Pay Per Click Advertising studio 84

STUDIO 84 has a solid track record of executing high-quality strategic campaigns designed to maximize results for clients. Our PPC management services encompass a range of platforms including search, social, display, remarketing and video.

What is PPC Advertising?

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is a form of Internet Marketing that literally means you pay for each click on your advertisement. This form of advertising is also known as Cost Per Click (CPC), Paid Online Advertising or simply PPC.

PPC campaigns are measurable, reportable, great when you need immediate results or exposure and able to be tweaked based on data for fast optimization.

It’s more than simply being visible – it’s all about targeting the right products and services to the right people. These campaigns aren’t a ‘set and forget’ kind of thing – This is where experienced account managers and well-tested PPC management services make all the difference.

Where can I serve Ads?

Social media, search engines, ad exchanges, publishers, YouTube, mobile apps… you name the platform, we’ll get your ad there. The platform right for you depends on your business, your audience and your objectives.

Search Engine Advertising

Serve users with keyword-targeted Text Ads throughout their search journey.

Remarketing & Display Advertising

Serve users with Text, Image or Video Ads all around the web on sites related to your business.

Social Media Advertising

Serve users with Text, Image or Video Ads on Social Media Channels.

When it comes to digital advertising, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, and anyone that tells you there is should be treated with caution.

How much should I invest?

This will be unique to your situation. More money does not always equal better results – it’s all about striking a balance between investment and conversions, as well as integrating paid search effectively with your other marketing activities.

How targeted can I be?

Very. That’s the beauty of PPC – with the right knowledge and skills, you can target not just by demographics or location, but also by user intent. This means you can potentially be visible at the optimal point in the consumer life-cycle for your product or service.

What's included in this Service?

There’s more to PPC success than ticking a few boxes in each platform and hitting ‘Launch Now’. End-to-end campaign creation and management has multiple elements, and it takes skill and experience to get all of them working together. Let us handle the whole operation, from initial setup through to ongoing monitoring.

The campaign setup lays the foundations for all future work on your account. This element may include activities like:

  • Account audit
  • Briefing communications
  • Campaign build
  • Tracking setup
  • Onsite recommendations.

Of course, we can’t report on campaign success if we have no parameters defining what success is and no way to identify if goals are being met. Tracking and measurement are key to identifying the effectiveness of any marketing activity, and our account managers can set up and integrate all your goals with the relevant tracking tools. Find out more about Analytics & Dashboarding.

We check in regularly to make sure everything is on track. This ensures no potential issues go unnoticed and your budget is spent effectively.

We conduct split tests, tweak ad copy, adjust budget and bid pacing, and run regular Search Query Reports to identify new opportunities for your business. This results in a tight, well-targeted campaign that maximises the return on your investment and gives users the best experience possible.

Our best-practice methods of testing ensure we discover what works for your business and audience while exposing you to minimal risk. All of these experiments allow us to make those tweaks we mentioned above, so you can end up with an awesome campaign that gets you the best results possible.

We create comprehensive reports for digital advertising activities. You will get accurate and thorough data and insights to let you make informed decisions that are in the best interests of your business.

Let us handle your banner design and development – our in-house team can take it from concept to creation quickly and easily.

display and remarketing services

Make sure your landing page is optimised for conversions – if it isn’t highly relevant to the search query, people may click on your ad but they won’t stick around trying to find what they wanted. Our in-house team can ensure your landing page is easy to use so consumers don’t go back and click on your competitor’s ad instead.

Don’t need a full PPC management service? No problem – pick and choose which parts you want us to take care of! We’re used to integrating our work with assets provided by clients, so you can focus on your specialties while we fill in the gaps.