If you’re considering enlisting an agency to help you with online marketing,

you obviously like making informed decisions.

STUDIO 84 takes care of all of your business’ digital needs, from creating custom websites to all aspects of internet marketing.
We take the time to explain things to you as we know that the more involved you are in the project,
the more likely we are to deliver a product that is right for you.

Why choose us

A different kind of agency


We are committed to always acting in the best interests of your business. We’re not here to ‘up-sell you’ something you don’t need.


We keep our overheads low and are conscious that you want to as well. We do world-class work at real-world prices. Ask us for a quote, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


The best form of marketing is the word of mouth of happy clients. There’s a lot of them out there who will testify that we practice what we preach.


We’ve been around for over a decade and we’ve learnt a lot in that time. Our team have worked on high-end design and marketing solutions for some of the biggest and most well-known companies in Belgium and Australia.

Customer Support

The level of ongoing support we provide to our clients is something that can’t be matched by other agencies. You can speak directly with the developer or designer who worked on your site, get email and hosting support, discuss strategy with your SEO/PPC account manager by calling our office.


Plenty of companies will build you a website but few make it their business to ensure it works to achieve the goals it was designed for. We know a great deal about online marketing, and have the degrees, expertise and certifications to prove it.


We’re here every weekday from 9 to 18:00 o’clock, and answer the phone within a few rings. Whether your company is listed on the ASX, or just in the phone book, we’re here for you when you need us.

Our Team

Friday barbecues, after work drinks, above-award wages and a cool, carbon-neutral office are just some of the things we do to attract the best, most highly-qualified staff.


We don’t just think outside the square, we create shapes that didn’t exist before. We’ll get people talking about your business and give the best possible first impression it can.

Days Abroad
Years of Online Marketing Experience
80's & Funk Hits in the Playlist
Cups of Coffee each Day

Our values

These four ideals help us to be the best at what we do


STUDIO 84 strives to deliver unparalleled client contact and consultation, including onsite meetings, rigorous reporting & evolving strategy development.


Given the nature of online marketing, constant testing, experimentation and education are necessary to stay ahead of the game.


Every employee under our company umbrella maintains qualifications relevant to their position, ensuring your accounts are perfected and optimized by dedicated professionals.


All clients receive a clear set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to gauge the success of their campaigns. This means you have trackable, easy-to-understand progress at your fingertips.

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Our Clients

Some of our clients include


Digital Marketing Consultancy services

Flexible & focused on all the key areas of your digital marketing